The Haunting of the Criminal Records Branch


I have had four phantasmal experiences in my life. Of those four, I can easily explain two as being the lucid dreams of hypnagogia. Such is not an easy explanation of what I and other civilian employees had experienced at the old Kentucky State Police Criminal Identification and Records Branch office building.

I worked in the Dispositions Unit. On one occasion in 2009, I had put in a long and tiring day of updating criminal histories. In the late afternoon, my body alerted me that I had to dispense with all of the coffee that I had ingested earlier in the day. Fortunately, my office was across the hall from the men’s restroom. I got up from my desk heading for the door to the hallway. As I approached the door, I heard what sounded like the footsteps of one of the sworn officers in the hallway. After entering the hall, I turned to see the men’s room door starting to close and the grey-suited leg of a sworn officer walking into the room. I caught the door right before it was fully closed. I pushed the door the rest of the way open entering the room. Something seemed odd (and I don’t mean the smell).

I was the only person in the restroom. The only place someone could hide was a stall. The stall doors were open. No one was there. No one was at the urinals. No one was at the sink. Yet, I had just seen a sworn officer enter the restroom. I even looked up at the ceiling, in case someone went up through an opening in the tile. Apart from me, the restroom was empty… or was it?

Corroborating Stories

I am not the only KSP civilian employee who worked at the 1250 Louisville Road location who had encounters with the unknown. Some, like me, had heard footsteps and other unexplained sounds in the hallway when no one else was there. Others who worked close to the elevator have said that on various occasions it would go from floor to floor with no one in it. Many, upon arrival at their desks of a morning, complained about things being rearranged on their desks.

Hypnagogia or Not?

One could make a case that my experience was just a waking dream. After all, I was tired by the end of the day. Hearing things like footsteps and strange noises is quite normal for those who experience hypnagogia. However, it does not explain the physical aspect of catching a closing door. Someone or something had opened the men’s room door before I got there. Hypnagogia also does not explain an elevator with a mind of its own; yet, it is more likely that a short circuit or loose wire caused the erratic elevator behavior than hypnagogia or even a ghost in the machine.

I have no easy explanation of the mysterious disappearing officer in the restroom. I’d like to say that it was a trick my mind was playing on me; however, I caught the closing door. I know that the creation is not limited to what we see, hear, taste, and feel. What our senses perceive can not always be trusted. All I can trust is that which my God has revealed in His Word. My hope in death is not in some spectral existence, but in a resurrected bodily existence in a new heavens and earth.


About haroyce

Royce is an aspiring writer of fantasy, history, philosophy, and theology. He earned his BS in History from Cedarville College, and his MDiv from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.
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