If You Really Want Me to Vote for Donald Trump…

Trump-Sanders Sticker

Give me a positive reason. Many of my friends are supporters of Donald Trump. They want me to join them; however, none of them have given me positive reasons to vote for Trump. All they have given are negative reasons. Since these negative reasons have serious flaws, I remain unconverted.

Negative Reason #1: Hillary Clinton

Trump supporters are afraid of Clinton winning the election. They say, “If Hillary wins, it will be your fault for not voting for Trump.” I disagree. If Trump loses, it will be his own fault for not persuading people like me to vote for him. I want positive reasons to vote for a candidate. The only reasons given me to support Trump have been negative.

Negative Reason #2: Supreme Court Nominations

Trump supporters are justifiably afraid that Clinton will nominate liberal judges to the Supreme Court. For some reason, they believe that Trump will nominate conservative judges; yet, having a conservative president does not guarantee conservative judges. Consider Ronald Reagan’s appointments. Anthony Kennedy’s decisions have been in favor of abortion, sodomy, and gay marriage. Antonin Scalia voted in favor of the Obamacare mandate. Sandra Day O’Connor had been in favor of affirmative action, and abortion. Reagan was far more conservative than Trump; however, his supporters seem to think he will appoint judges who will be more conservative than those Reagan appointed.

Negative Reason #3: Loss of Freedom

Trump supporters are afraid that Clinton will continue to erode our freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and the remnants of our free market. For some reason, they believe Trump will champion Capitalism, free speech, and religious freedom. Trump has constantly attacked the press. He has talked about deporting American citizens who subscribe to a particular religion. Who is to say that he would not persecute others for having beliefs different than his own? Some say that Trump, being a successful businessman, will champion the free market; however, he admitted in the first Republican debate that he is an Interventionist (which is an economic system that hampers economic freedom, letting the government pick winners and losers). He is no champion of economic freedom, religious liberty, and the press.

If Trump wants my support, he will have to give me positive reasons to vote for him. Prove to me that he will defend religious freedom, even that of a Muslim citizen of the United States. Prove to me that Trump will support laws against economic force, fraud, and violation of contract especially if the force, fraud, and violation of contract is initiated by an intervening government. In other words, prove that he is a Capitalist. Prove to me that Trump will appoint just judges who will not make judgments based on cultural and political whims. Prove to me that Trump understands and agrees with Aristotelian justice. Unless Trump and his supporters can convince me that there are positive reasons to vote for him, I will likely vote for either Gary Johnson or Darrell Castle.

Edit: I no longer support Gary Johnson. Please read Discriminating for the Sake of Ending All Discrimination for my rationale.

Edit 2: As of August 16, Donald Trump has said some things concerning law enforcement that make him a more palatable candidate.

Edit 3: With the many revelations of Donald Trump’s words and actions against women, there is nothing that can persuade me to cast my vote for him.


About haroyce

Royce is an aspiring writer of fantasy, history, philosophy, and theology. He earned his BS in History from Cedarville College, and his MDiv from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.
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