Winning For the Sake of Winning at the Cost of Conscience

poloccupWhat if you lived in Poland in October of 1939 after both Germany and the Soviet Union invaded and divided up your homeland? Adolf Hitler was a National Socialist. Joseph Stalin was a Communistic Socialist. Both sought to prop up their respective countries’ economies by draining Poland dry. In addition, Stalin was sending Poles to slave camps and the gulags, while Hitler was sending Poles to Auschwitz to die. You and your friends, seeing the economic and social devastation must decide who to support.

Some of your friends say, “You have to support Hitler. He is the only one who can win against Stalin.”

Other friends say, “Stalin’s policies, once properly implemented, will be good for us. You have to support Stalin.”

A handful of friends say, “Join the resistance with us.”

The Hitler supporters shout down the resistance and plead with you. “The resistance can’t stop Stalin. Only Hitler can stop him! Joining the resistance is the same as joining Stalin! Hitler will crush any resistance. Joining the resistance is madness!”

The Stalinists plead, “How can you be against progress? The resistance stands against progress. Only Stalin can produce utopia. Stalin will crush any resistance to progress. Joining the resistance is madness!”

Do you make your choice based on who is most able to win, or do you make your choice based on conscience? Let’s say you throw in your lot with Stalin. If the USSR wins, you will be a work slave at Stalin’s mercy. Of course, Stalin has no mercy. If you support Hitler and Germany wins, you will be a prisoner in the hold of his merciless power. If you join the resistance, you may die, the resistance may fold, and evil tyrants may wipe Poland from the map; however, you will have died free and with a clear conscience.

In this election cycle, I have heard many people saying that we must choose between a national socialist and a progressive socialist. If I dare to say there are other choices, both sides argue that supporting another party is madness. I’d rather be deemed a lunatic, than blindly support someone who has no character just because he can win. I’d rather vote for a loser than blindly support someone who promises everything on a platter for free. This year, I am supporting the resistance.


About haroyce

Royce is an aspiring writer of fantasy, history, philosophy, and theology. He earned his BS in History from Cedarville College, and his MDiv from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.
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