Honoring Thy Father

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Originally posted on Royce On A Rampage:
In last weeks installment of ROAR, I painted a very small portion of the canvas that is my dad. I did so in order to show how God provided another man to fill…

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Reflections on the Sports Question

In my previous post, I raised the question, “How should the Church redeem sports and sports culture such that the weak are not discouraged, humiliated, and treated as sub-humans?” Answers posted on Facebook and on this blog were not entirely … Continue reading

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How Should We Redeem Sports?

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Recently, my pastor David Prince debated the question of whether Christians should involve themselves or their children in football or other violent sports. Prince defended violent sports, saying that they build teamwork, trust, courage, self-sacrifice, and suffering.1 Prince, having done … Continue reading

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Blind Men, an Elephant, and Its Response

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Relativists often cite an old Eastern parable about six blind men who stumble upon an elephant. Yet, it is a parable that, if completed, would not support Relativism, but revelatory truth. According to the parable, each blind man touches a … Continue reading

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The Grinch: the consumate capitalist, or…

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Does another economic system fit the envious green creature who attempted to steal Christmas from the Whos? It is the habit of some to describe capitalists as scrooges and grinches throughout the Christmas season. One may hear the following arguments. … Continue reading

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That Which is Right, and Just, and Fair 5

Two Modern Understandings of Justice One may reduce the many current ideas of justice to two basic reasonings. The first basic understanding may be termed recipient-focused, forward-thinking, or end-result justice. The end-result of a distribution determines whether it is or … Continue reading

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I Recant My Third Partiism… For Now

When Mitt Romney became the Republican Party’s nominee for the 2012 presidential election, I immediately thought, “Rather than vote for a bad candidate, I’m going to vote third-party again.” I looked up information on the Constitution Party’s candidate Virgil Goode. … Continue reading

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